ARONAH Standards and Guidelines


The ARONAH board undertook a wide ranging consultation on proposals that affect the professions of naturopathy and western herbal medicine. Submissions for ARONAH Standards and guidelines closed May 10th, 2013. Submissions will be accepted after this date however, as part of ARONAH’s ongoing submission process.

The documents under this consultation are (note, these documents are in PDF form):

 Grandparenting standards

Note: the categories of registration are based on those used by AHPRA.

 Competency standards

Members of both the ARONAH Practice Standards and Education Standards subcommittees undertook the task of developing these standards, guidelines, codes and requirements for the ARONAH board.  In accordance with the ARONAH constitution these documents have all been modeled on existing documents available through AHPRA, and where possible, have been benchmarked against practitioner boards such as Chinese medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery and Medicine.

Note: ARONAH generally publishes submissions from public consultations to encourage discussion and inform the community and stakeholders however, it reserves the right not to publish submissions. Please let us know if you do not want your submission to be published on the ARONAH website or want part of the submission to be treated as confidential.


First phase of consultation

The original documents under the initial phase of the current consultation are (note, these documents are in .doc form):

Submissions received

The following submissions were received

Board response

The following describes the board decision post-consultation. Final documents can be found here.