Make a complaint

A notification is a complaint about a health practitioner.  They are called notifications (as a definition in the law) because the board is notified about concerns or complaints, which ARONAH then manages.  Notifications is a term used for registered health practitioners and ARONAH has chosen to use the same term to mirror AHPRAs processes.

Public safety is one of ARONAH’s main goals as a registration board.  When ARONAH receives a notification, the board considers a number of factors:

  • has the practitioner failed to meet the standards set by the board
  • what needs to occur so the practitioner knows what they have done wrong, and can learn from the experience
  • does the practitioner’s registration need to be limited to keep the public safe

Anyone can make a complaint about a naturopath or Western herbalist practitioner via ARONAH.  You can raise a concern about a naturopath or Western herbalist by:

ARONAH takes every notification we receive seriously.  We are responsible for ensuring that naturopaths and Western herbalists provide safe care and have the skills and qualifications necessary to practise.

Please also note that ARONAH is run entirely by a volunteer board. We endeavour to return all phone calls or emails within 24-48 hours.