ARONAH member documentation (2018)

ARONAH is seeking comment from the naturopathy and Western herbal medicine professions and industry to review a series of documents that underpin the requirements of ARONAH membership.

The 16 documents currently under review are:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Proof of Identity Requirements
  3. Criminal History Register Standard
  4. English Language Skills Register Standard
  5. Guidelines for Advertising of Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine Services
  6. Professional Indemnity Insurance Register Standard
  7. Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development
  8. Guidelines on Patient Record Keeping
  9. Recency of Practice Guidelines
  10. General Registration Requirements (including Grandparenting standards)
  11. Limited Registration Requirements (including Grandparenting standards)
  12. Non-practising Registration Requirements (including Grandparenting standards)
  13. Competency Standards – Naturopaths
  14. Competency Standards – Herbalists
  15. Naturopathic Education Accreditation Standards
  16. Western Herbal Medicine Education Accreditation Standards

All documents can be downloaded from the ARONAH website,

We invite suitably qualified and experienced parties to review the ARONAH documents to ensure the documentation due for review is contemporary, relevant and useful.

The preferred format for submissions is:

  1. Content requiring change
  2. Justification of required change
  3. Example modification to existing content

Submissions will be reviewed by the ARONAH board and modifications will be incorporated as appropriate in the revised versions of the documents. All submissions will be published on the ARONAH website unless expressly stated otherwise by the submitting party. A Document Review Board Summary Report outlining the changes made to each document and the justification for the changes will also be published on the website.

Key dates for this review are indicated below. While ARONAH will make every effort to maintain this schedule, it reserves the right to vary these dates as deemed necessary.

Key Dates

Open review process commences: 15th March 2018

Closing date for submissions: 1st June 2018 (extended)

Submissions published on website: 22 February 2019 Here

Release of ARONAH Document Review Board Summary Report: 22 February 2019  Board report can be found here

Finalisation of all updated documents: 30th April 2019 (extended)

The ARONAH Board is constitutionally bound to comply with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and as such, any updates to the existing documents based on submissions will need to comply with the minimum expected guidelines and standards aligned with this legislation.