Submission for the PHI review (August 2019)

Recently ARONAH made a submission to the Australian Government Rebate for Private Health Insurance – the Terms of Reference Review 2019. We are thankful for the opportunity to comment on the Terms of Reference for the Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel that will support the 2019-20 Natural Therapies Review. Our comments on the Terms of Reference are presented on behalf of the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH) board and membership.

ARONAH’s full submission can be read below, however as a summary, we asked for the below two points to be considered:

  • ARONAH recommend that the Terms of Reference explicitly state that evidence will not be disregarded based on country of origin, or regulatory status of the profession.
  • ARONAH recommend that the Terms of Reference incorporate pertinent ‘tools of the trade’ within the scope of evidence related to naturopathic and WHM practice.

ARONAH’s submission in full (PDF)