Proposed Constitution change for ARONAH

We are seeking to make some changes to our constitution which requires our members to read, consider, and vote on these changes.

The ARONAH constitution was written over 15 years ago and needs to be updated. In brief, we are seeking to include New Zealand in our constitution and board, and ultimately members. We are seeking to update some of the terms of the constitution to bring it inline with how we already work. We are also wishing to update the gendered language in the constitution.

Below you will find a PDF of the constitution, with the proposed changes highlighted in yellow. The ARONAH board seeks to accept these changes in full at the AGM on November 23rd, 2023.

All of our full members are eligible to vote on these proposed changes. If a full member cant attend the meeting in person, they may send a proxy on their behalf to vote on these changes. Notice of a proxy attending must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. To RSVP to the AGM, please reply to your original email (sent at the start of November).

All members (including student and associate members) may comment on the proposed changes at any stage before the AGM. Please send any comments through via email or the contact page on this website.

ARONAH-Constitution-Draft-Castle-Legal_ammended 2023-11-8.PDF