Initial Consultation

In mid-2009 the Steering Committee for the establishment of the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists called for submissions on the registration arrangements for the professions of naturopathy and Western herbal medicine. Due to demand submissions were extended until March 2010.

A public call was made in The Australian newspaper, via media release and major naturopathic and Western herbal medicine stakeholders were directly asked to submit. These major stakeholders were asked directly to ensure all major stakeholders were able to represent their views on this topic.

Who was asked to make a submission?
Template of invitation to submit.

Links to pdf versions of submissions:


Note 1:  Please find NHAA attachments mentioned in submission here: NHAA Attachments

Note 2: The recommended amendments to the site have been made. The issue refers to the differences between specific common and legal uses of the word retrospective and prospective. The words have been replaced with proactive and reactive. The intended meaning of affected statements has remained unchanged.