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Government delaying registration of naturopaths exposes public to ongoing risk – April 2018

Submission to Honorable Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for Health, regarding Private Health Insurance Rebates – December 2017

Delays in statutory registration of naturopaths exposes public to ongoing risk – August 2017

An explanation of Scope of Practice  – April 2017

Naturopathy can be safe and effective but registration is the key – June 2016

Grandfathering date is changed to 2018 to reflect the Advanced Diploma teach out period – June 2016

ARONAH attends the World Naturopathic Federation meeting in Canada – 30th June 2015

Dodgy naturopathy courses putting public at risk – February 2015

Education the key to effective practice. A response to the recent National Health and Medical Research Council review – January 2015

ARONAH welcomes the CSHISC’s decision to withdraw support for the Advanced Diploma in naturopathy and Western herbal medicine – September 2014

National register of naturopaths and herbalists to improve public safety – October 2010



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Therapeutic Goods Administration Advertising Exemption review

Letter to ARONAH members – 19th December 2013



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Dr Paul Brown: Paul shares his thoughts on registration – June 2014