Therapeutic Goods Administration Advertising Exemption review

Letter to members in response to recent communications within the profession regarding ARONAH, particularly relating to the Therapeutic Goods Administration Advertising Exemption review. Click here for details.

ARONAH is open for registration!

Are you a practitioner? Then join the growing number of naturopaths and herbalists who want registration. For more information please look at the Join ARONAH page Are you a user of complementary medicine? You can search the registry to find a registered practitioner near by via the Practitioner Register page

ARONAH Documents now online

Important ARONAH documents, such as the ARONAH Constitution, Code of Conduct, Standards and Guidelines are now online. You can view them on the ARONAH documents page Click here for details.

Public consultation on ARONAH standards and guidelines

ARONAH's feedback on the development of registration guidelines and practice standards for naturopathic and Western herbalists is now closed, however we always welcome your feedback. Details are available on the Consultations page.